About Us
NumberGym Software has been creating specialist maths software since 2004. Many of the ideas for activities have been provided by Ian Sugarman, teacher, maths advisor and Primary maths lecturer. These ideas are often based around practical maths equipment which Ian designed and used successfully throughout his career.
Melvyn Rust, teacher and IT specialist, has worked closely with Ian to craft these ideas into interactive teaching tools, games and challenges. Each activity has then been trialled in schools and refined to meet the requirements of both the learner and the teacher. Ian's User Guides are particularly notable for their detailed teaching tips and lesson plan ideas.
Melvyn Rust

Melvyn Rust, Director: NumberGym Software

  • 4 years as Primary class teacher/music teacher
  • 5 years Supply Teaching and Home Tuition for out-of-school pupils, including running GCSE maths groups
  • Open University degree in Maths & Computing
  • 20 years as a Business Software Engineer
  • Founded NumberGym Software in 2004, initially as a free maths resources website
  • Met Ian Sugarman in 2006 and, soon after, began to implement some of Ian's ideas. The collaboration continues.
Ian Sugarman

Ian Sugarman, MA: Educational Consultant

  • 13 years as a Primary class teacher
  • 11 years as an Advisory Teacher for Primary Maths
  • 12 years as Senior Lecturer in Primary Maths at Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Author of many journal articles and curriculum booklets based on his original ideas for games, puzzles and investigations
  • Served on UK Government committees for production of national assessment packs and guidance
  • Provider of training for Primary trainees and teachers for 25 years