Privacy policy

NumberGym Maths does not provide students with any means to communicate directly with each other. There are no chat rooms or external links connected with our learning resources. At all times, students are engaged in doing maths within a secure environment.

What personal information we hold

When a school purchases NumberGym Maths we require the school address, telephone number and a contact email address.

In order for the database version of NumberGym Maths to function, each pupil requires a unique login within their school. These logins will typically be managed by the school's database administrator.
To facilitate the initial setup we offer a service whereby schools can send us a list of pupils which we will upload into the school database.

The following 3 data items are stored for each student:

Student Name: this data item is displayed on the login screen after a successful login. It allows the pupil to check that they have logged in as themselves and not inadvertently logged in as another student. It is also used by the school to uniquely identify each student when maintaining the student logins. It need not contain the student's full name but will need to uniquely identify each student to the administrator and, hopefully to other teachers and the student themselves.

Student Unique Login: this is what the student is required to type in before accessing BondBuilder, TableTrainer and Mental Maths Challenge. It should be all lower-case with no special characters.

Student Class: this data item is an optional text field. When used it allows the database administrator to group the students by Class before downloading their current Best Times into a spreadsheet.

Once the list has been uploaded, a copy will be emailed back to the school and a copy will be stored on our PC for reference. A school may request that we delete our copy.

NumberGym Software will keep your personal information confidential and not sell or knowingly divulge your information to advertisers or any external third parties.

Melvyn Rust, Director
NumberGym Software Ltd