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ATM: Association of Teachers of Mathematics

MA: Mathematical Association

NLVM: National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

FAQs - Please email your questions and we'll post the answers here

Does NumberGym Maths provide individual pupil logins so that pupils' best times can be saved?
YES! We now have a database on our server so pupils can log in from any internet connected device and their best times for BondBuilder, TableTrainer and Mental Maths Challenge will be retrieved and updated.

Recently, on our school computers, whenever we launch a new activity from the menu we are prompted by a popup which asks: 'Do you trust this content to connect to the internet?' How can we get rid of it?
This problem occurs in Flash Player v15 and later. Click here for a PDF expalining how to add NumberGym as a trusted site.

Can I access your software from my iPad?
Yes, we have created a number of apps - see our App Page. Our apps for BondBuilder, TableTrainer and Mental Maths Challenge can be used as stand-alone apps but they also support School logins so that your Best Times can be stored in our database.
Alternatively you can download the Puffin Browser from the app store. This will allow you to access not just NumberGym Maths but all Flash-based software. Note: Some schools have reported poor performance using this browser, especially for
BondBuilder, TableTrainer and Mental Maths Challenge where the task is to drag the cards to the correct answers as quickly as possible.

Can I try the software before I buy it?
Absolutely. Go to the home page and click on the big red '2 week free trial' button to register.

How do I buy NumberGym Maths?
You can purchase online using our Place an Order link from the home page or you can call us on 01727 759 439 or send your completed order form with a cheque to to:

NumberGym Software
10 Burnham Road
St Albans, Herts. AL1 4QW