BondBuilder & TableTrainer
Age Range
4 to 104
Ability Range
From Counting 2 Dots to
Division with Remainders
Activity Type
Timed Challenges
Number of Activities
1 program, 61 data sets
Achieving Lightning Fast.
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BondBuilder & TableTrainer
In BondBuilder's first three data sets numbers are represented as patterned images of dots from 1 to 6 which can soon be recognised immediately without counting - this is called subitising. When these images are combined, pupils are encouraged to count on from the larger number rather than count all the dots.
After regular exposure to these images learners should begin to recognise the images of dot patterns from 1 to 6 and recall the totals of some combinations and not have to count them.

Each multiplication table is learned in three stages:
1) with answers arranged in order
2) with answers mixed
3) as division facts

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TableTrainer: x5 Answers ordered

What is BondBuilder & TableTrainer?

There is no doubt that pupils who have managed to commit basic number facts to memory are at an advantage over those who need to spend time counting. Knowing the facts speeds up mental calculation.
BB & TT identifies the basic addition facts and multiplication tables and organises them into smaller chunks and presents them in a range of formats so that trios of numbers become associated e.g. 3, 5, 8 (3+5=8; 5+3=8; 8-5=3 etc.) and 5, 7, 35 (5x7=35; 7x5=35; 35/5=7 etc).
We believe that encouraging pupils to attempt to exceed their own previous best effort is preferable to asking them to compete against other pupils. Logging their times is a way of allowing them to monitor their own improving performance and take pride in their ability to achieve the landmarks of knowledge.

How it works

In each activity the student is presented with about 18 flash cards which need to be sorted to the answer disks encircling the card.
The timer is ticking and the goal is to sort them in a minute to achieve the 'Lightning Fast' medallion. However completing the task in less than 90 seconds will also be rewarded with a 'Quick Thinking' medallion.