Maths Art
Age Range
4 to 104 yrs
Ability Range
No prior skill required except some mouse control
Activity Types
Creative drawing activities
Number of Activities
Kaleido Drawing with
up to 48 lines of symmetry
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Maths Art

What is Maths Art?

Some people are drawn to Mathematics because of an attraction to numbers.
Others are attracted to the patterns that underpin mathematical ideas. We have produced activities where the initial attraction is the visual appeal of artistic imagery. On closer observation we can discover the underlying geometrical properties that give the images their structure.

NOTE: As we continue the conversion our Flash programs to html5, converted Maths Art programs will appear in The NEW Number Gym.

The Activities
Kaleido Drawing lets you drag the mouse cursor across the screen to create symmetrical designs - with reflective or rotational symmetry.
Kaleido image 1
Pattern Blocks lets you explore tilings using the most common polygons. Because the unit lengths of each tile are the same unit or double that unit, tessellations are easy to create. We have made it easy to clone a group of blocks so that the tessellations of irregular shapes can be explored.
Kaleido image 1
Stick Pictures lets you drag coloured sticks onto the screen and rotate them, to create pictures. You can also clone a picture to create a repeating pattern.
Mosaics with Square tiles and Triangular tiles lets you create the sort of mosaic patterns that can be found in Roman buildings. Take a trial?