Mental Maths Challenge
Age Range
7 to 107
Ability Range
From Easy Doubles to Percentage Discounts
Activity Type
Timed Challenges
Number of Activities
1 program, 44 data sets
Achieving Lightning Fast.
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Practice first, then take the test.
Caution: Can be addictive!
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Mental Maths Challenge

What is Mental Maths Challenge?

Mental Maths Challenge is a natural complement to BondBuilder & TableTrainer.
Recalling number facts is only part of the story. Very often, these facts need to be adapted or made to contribute to a strategy involving ideas about number relationships that enable us to work things out in our heads.
Mental Maths Challenge provides two distinct kinds of engagement: Practice Mode and Challenge Mode.
In Practice mode, all the cards are presented in a pre-defined order of increasing difficulty with no timer recording the time taken. Once the learner feels confident that s/he understands the strategy and can enact it accurately, s/he can click on the Take the Test button.
In Challenge mode, a subset of the cards is randomly selected for answering. The challenge is to complete the test in less than a minute. Because the subset is a random selection, teachers may feel it appropriate to expect students to complete the test on more than one occasion to ensure they can answer all possible examples from the set.

This product was developed in close cooperation with Robert Wilkinson Primary School in York.

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