NumberGym Geometry
Age Range
11 to 16 yrs
Ability Range
England/Wales: KS 2,3,4
Scotland: P6,7 S1,2,3
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Simple to use graphing tools.
Auto generates challenges in
The Four Transformations
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NumberGym Geometry

What is NumberGym Geometry?

Secondary teachers tell us that NumberGym Geometry activities are so much easier and quicker to use than equivalent software already in their schools and, with a lively class in front of you, that's important. These activities are brilliant on interactive whiteboards and can be used for whole-class, small group or individual tuition. Topics include the four transformations (with challenges), interactive circle geometry, understanding basic trigonometry with an interactive triangle and powerful yet easy-to-use graphing tools allowing pupils to create and compare all major graph types, including the trig functions.

NOTE: As we continue the conversion our Flash programs to html5, converted NumberGym Geometry programs will appear in The NEW Number Gym.

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Example Activities
Graphs 1 First select your graph type eg y=mx + c. Then use the blue up/down buttons over 'm' and 'c' to modify the equation and draw the graph. If you don't want a new graph at each change then uncheck the Draw on Change box.
You can also move the axes and modify the x and y scales independently.

Start by drawing a shape to reflect. Simply hold down the left mouse button and drag a line out before releasing the button. All lines automatically click to the grid.
Select the required line of reflection, then click 'Reflect' to view the animated reflection.
The 'Clear Images' button deletes the transformed images but keeps the original drawing and any target image.
The 'Clear All' button clears the screen.
If a transformation moves off the grid, use the 'Zoom' controls to adjust the visible grid.
Now try using the Set Challenge button.